A member shares in the profit of the company at the end of the financial year. Our goal is to keep costs low and supply a quality product at a highly competitive price Piet Smit, the current chairperson, says that Houers members form “a unique group of “a producers who are successful business people in their own right.

Piet Smit Members fully realise the value of cooperating and involving themselves in the cost and value chain.” The cooperative is structured so that all members have equal rights and a say in the business. Although a noble principle, this can sometimes inhibit the cooperative’s ability to move quickly, admits Smit. Despite this drawback, Houers “constantly meets the expectations of our customers, who demand quality packaging material at competitive prices and outstanding service


Houres’ success is based on exploiting a gap in the market. Because crop production is unpredictable, it is difficult for farmers to order cartons well in advance. Carton manufacturers usually prioritise their bigger, more profitable clients, and do not necessarily take fluctuations in production into account. This can result in late delivery for some farmers at critical times during the harvest and packing seasons.

By contrast, Houers stays flexible and supplies cartons as required.” Because we’re focused on the agricultural market, our business model is designed to prepare for the various fruit seasons well in advance. We’re also prepared to adapt to any changes during the season,” explains Mostert. “Although most of the cartons we manufacture supply cartons for all agricultural products, including tropical and subtropical produce, vegetables, meat, eggs, and dairy produce.”


Wimpie MostertHouers’ approach includes forging long-term relationships with local suppliers.

“We need to support our local suppliers,” stresses Mostert. “If local suppliers should ever close their doors, we’ll all be at the mercy of foreign suppliers.”

Houers always buys its paper from MPact Paper and Sappi, a strategy that has paid off. “Our loyalty has never gone unrewarded. Our plant has never been without paper, even when supply was under severe pressure.”